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Brooklands Anti-Bullying Policy


Ratified:  5.12.16                                 Next Review Date: 11-2018



The Department for Education (DFe) defines bullying as “Behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group, either physically or emotionally.”


In Brooklands School bullying and any other forms of intimidation will not be tolerated.  We will treat others with kindness and respect and will care well for each other. We will come to school without fear and will be safe in school. Everyone will be vigilant and will intervene promptly if there are any signs or reports of bullying.



  1. To ensure that all feel safe and free from bullying and intimidation.
  2. To build an ethos where learners feel safe, free from threat and intimidation.
  3. To promote good relationships where all are treated well and where learners care for each other.
  4. To act promptly and effectively at the first sign of bullying.
  5. To encourage learners and parents to report any attempted bullying.
  6. To protect and reassure any victims of bullying.
  7. To have effective sanctions to deter bullying.
  8. To make this a happy school that is free from bullying.



  1. We will use our behaviour policy effectively to promote good behaviour so that there is an ethos where bullying is unacceptable.
  2. All will be expected to be vigilant and to intervene immediately and effectively if any bullying is observed or reported.
  3. Parents and learners will be encouraged and enabled, where possible, to report bullying and when they do so they will be listened to and taken seriously.
  4. Every allegation of bullying will be investigated and followed up.
  5. Any victim of bullying will be well-protected immediately and in the future.
  6. Any allegations of bullying will be reported to the headteacher.
  7. PSHE, reflection time and meetings of the school council will be used to discuss bullying and to ensure that all are aware that bullying is never acceptable and that the victim must always report it to parents, staff or friends.
  8. We will use the school’s discipline and rewards strategy to reinforce this anti-bullying policy.
  9. Learners and their parents will be made aware of this policy.
  10. The school governors and parents of all concerned will be informed and involved in any reported incident and will be expected to support this school policy.



Brooklands School will have a warm, friendly, welcoming and safe ethos. It will be a place where bullying is not tolerated and where all will treat others as they themselves would expect to be treated.


Reviewed and adopted by the Governing Body


Wendy Clark

Chair of Governors







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